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Who are we?

Concierge Wellness is a mobile intravenous therapy service operated by a registered nurse with advanced IV skills. All treatments performed by your nurse have the oversight of an experienced physician. We are motivated to bring health and wellness to your front step.

What do we do?

Concierge Wellness offers intravenous vitamin and hydration therapy in the comfort of your surroundings: be it your home, office, hotel room, or even a group get together. Our goal is to promote wellness by restoring hydration and supplementing essential nutrients. IV infusions offer fast and effective relief from the effects of common conditions such as seasonal allergies, fatigue, the common cold, stomach flu, jet lag, exhaustive exercise and alcohol overindulgence.

When is it the right time to receive intravenous vitamin therapy?

There are many situations where this treatment can provide a much needed boost to your well being, including:

  • Before a challenging physical event such as a marathon or a race to enhance your potential
  • After a strenuous endeavour to restore your body to its peak condition
  • Saturday morning to save your weekend from a nasty hangover
  • In the midst of a down week when your body feels tired and fatigued
  • Dealing with viral symptoms such as headaches, coughs, runny nose
  • During a jet lag when your body can't afford to take time off